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Our research and resource-management projects focus on one or more areas of expertise, including science communication, data visualization and analysis, research collaboration, and scenario planning.

peonies in a field
Alaska Garden Helper

Use this web tool to explore local growing conditions under a changing climate, including growing season length, minimum temperatures, growing degree days, and hardiness zones.

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northern biomes map
Alaska-Canada climate-biome shifts

Projections of shifts in 18 climate types linked to ecological biomes across Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. An expansion of the Connecting Alaska Landscapes project.

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ALFRESCO and habitat research
ALFRESCO and habitat research

ALFRESCO simulates responses of subarctic and boreal vegetation to climatic changes.

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drying salmon
Arctic climate change impacts on ecosystem services and society

Relationships between climate change and availability of subsistence resources. Creating scenarios of how and where resources may be available in the future.

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Arctic Data Collaborative (ARDAC)
Arctic Data Collaborative (ARDAC)

ARDAC houses Arctic data sets that can be be utilized in their current form for decision-making and project planning.

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bridge over river in snowy forest
Arctic Environmental and Engineering Data and Design Support System

The Arctic-EDS will refine and further develop sustainable technologies to provide best-available data curated for engineering design needs in a single, dynamically-updated, online hub.

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pancake ice
Arctic sea ice: satellite observations, climate model performance, future scenarios

Using technology to investigate the downward trend of Arctic sea ice.

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container ship
Arctic shipping data synthesis

Understanding risks presented by marine shipping traffic on ecosystem services.

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Assessment and mapping of riverine hydrokinetic resources in the continental US
Assessment and mapping of riverine hydrokinetic resources in the continental US

Assessment of the riverine hydrokinetic energy resource in the contiguous 48 states and Alaska, excluding tidal waters.

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Chugach climate change scenario planning
Chugach climate change scenario planning

An assessment of future scenarios in the Chugach National Forest given ongoing climate change, social change, and economic change.

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Climate change impacts on forested ecosystems of Alaska
Climate change impacts on forested ecosystems of Alaska

Overview of current and future climate change impacts on all forested regions of Alaska.

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projected water availability maps
Climate change impacts on water availability in Alaska

A modeling effort aimed at estimating the balance between precipitation and evapotranspiration across Alaska.

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Climate change scenario planning for Alaska Region National Park Service Units
Climate change scenario planning for Alaska Region National Park Service Units

Developed climate change scenarios for NPS-managed areas in Alaska; and a discussion tool for Alaska national park visitors.

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mountain and glacier
Climate change summary reports for National Parks, Preserves and Monuments

Brief fact sheets providing climate projections for each of Alaska’s National Park Service areas.

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workshop participants
Community partnerships for self-reliance

Facilitating community driven responses to self-reliance and sustainability challenges by identifying and linking relevant information and research support.

caribou on tundra
Connecting Alaska’s landscapes into the future

Projections of shifts in 18 climate types linked to ecological biomes across Alaska, with emphasis on several key species. This project was expanded in Alaska Canada Biome Shift.

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Water rushes under a Juneau bridge during a flood.
Future Projections of Precipitation for Alaska Infrastructure

SNAP is collaborating with the Alaska Department of Transportation to develop a point precipitation frequency tool using state-of-the-art climate projections to better understand the future of precipitation trends across Alaska.

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satellite dish
Geospatial modeling for Alaska broadband

Alaska lags in adequate infrastructure for providing high-speed broadband access statewide. SNAP designed a broadband mapping model to connect rural locations to the existing fiber backbone.

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coastal erosion
Governor’s Subcabinet on Climate Change

A report to the State of Alaska on the potential long-term impacts of climate change.

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great bear lake
Great Bear Lake climate change analysis

An analysis of potential future climate change impacts in the Great Bear Lake region of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

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old ship in sea ice
Historical Sea Ice Atlas

Choose time periods and locations of interest, and view mapped sea ice data dating from the mid-1800s to present. Sea ice data also available for download.

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arctic tundra
IEM: An Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska and Northwest Canada

Using modeling to understand potential landscape, habitat, and ecosystem change in Alaska and Northwest Canada.

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cover of adaptation plan
Igiugig Village Climate Change Adaptation Assessment

This Adaptation Assessment is the first step in developing a climate adaptation plan for the Igiugig Village Council (IVC). The ultimate objective of this assessment is to create a baseline foundation of information, research, and partnerships that are locally driven and dynamic in nature.

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USEPA Kaskanak Creek
Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments (InteRFACE)

InteRFACE is a DOE-SNAP collaboration which will research changes in sea-ice and marine ecosystems and the effects of those changes on coastal people, infrastructure, and economies.

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fairbanks, alaska
Interior Issues Council Climate Change Taskforce

This task force will develop strategies for helping mitigate climate change by conserving energy, educating the public, and developing longer-range plans.

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Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic: a Report to the President
Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic: a Report to the President

Highlights the need to use the best available science in decision-making about Arctic development and conservation.

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We build mapping applications to support geospatial data efforts.

A small part of the NPR-A region in Alaska's Arctic.
National Petroleum Reserve: Alaska climate change analysis

Assessing potential impacts of climate change on temperature, precipitation, water availability, vegetation, and fire regime in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

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Nenana Ridge experimental burn
Nenana Ridge experimental burn

SNAP collaborated with scientists, engineers and foresters on an experimental burn that quantified the effects of fuels reduction treatments on fire behavior.

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Model output of Alaska's North Slope.
North Slope climate analysis

SNAP worked with The Nature Conservancy to provide downscaled climate change projections for the Alaska North Slope Borough.

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coastal permafrost
Permafrost dynamics modeling in Alaska using a high spatial resolution dataset

SNAP is working with UAF geophysicists to project what may happen to permafrost in the future, and to map these projections statewide.

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Potential effects of climate change on Sitka hydropower

Using climate projections to determine if Southeast Alaska is facing a climate regime shift that might alter hydropower electricity availability.

Trans Alaska pipeline
Protecting transportation infrastructure using Unmanned Aircraft Systems

How unmanned aircraft systems (UASs or drones) can be used for the surveillance of pipeline infrastructure.

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Rapid Ecoregional Assessments for Alaska

An assessment of important resource values and patterns of environmental change across a large area for the Bureau of Land Management. One of 4 such studies in Alaska.

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Science Communications Support

We design science communications products including pamphlets, news releases, videos, and more.

Lidar scan image of the "Glitter Gulch" section of the Nenana River canyon near the entrance to Denali National Park.
Slope Stability Modeling

Hyper-detailed surface modeling and change detection methods have been developed to understand slope stability along critical Alaska highways at Glitter Gulch and Long Lake.

infrastructure remote-sensing temperaturecompleted
spruce bark beetle damage
Socio-ecological characteristics of disturbance in Alaska

Projecting future scenarios of vegetation cover and succession trajectories due to the effects of beetles and wildfire in interior Alaska.

scenario-planningforest wildfireongoing
State change and vulnerability in the Alaska boreal forest

Understanding the connections among vegetation, the organic soil layer, and permafrost ground stability in Alaska boreal ecosystems.

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steller sea lions
Steller sea lion surveys

UAS research confirmed that threatened Steller Sea Lion populations could be more accurately and safely surveyed at their haul-outs and rookeries.

drone habitat wildlifecompleted
image of tax form
Tax information management using topographical Information

Terrain models can be monitored for changes that affect tax records and community planning.

data-visualization-and-analysiscommunity modeling patentcompleted
UAV inspection of the Placer River Trail bridge through image-based 3D modeling
UAV inspection of the Placer River Trail bridge through image-based 3D modeling

Unmanned aerial vehicle research resulted in the first bridge inspection and a hyper-detailed 3D model for bridge inspections in the United States.

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alaska volcano
Volcanic ash sensing

Research and development of an in-situ sensor deployable on UAS to collect real-time data about volcanic aerosol size, concentration, and chemistry.

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Web Applications

We develop web applications for the visualization and interpretation of SNAP data to be used by researchers, students, and other audiences.

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Website Creation

We build websites for research-related groups affiliated with the University of Alaska. We can help you develop your research-communication goals through your website.

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Yukon lake
Yukon water availability analysis

Developing a modeling tool for mapping future growing-season water availability for the Yukon.

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