ALFRESCO and Habitat Research

What we are doing

Boreal ALFRESCO (ALaska FRame-based EcoSystem COde) simulates the responses of subarctic and boreal vegetation to climatic changes. This frame-based, spatially explicit model shows spatial processes of fire and recruitment across the circumpolar arctic/boreal zone.

The model combines disturbance events, seed dispersal, and succession on a landscape at a spatio-temporal scale appropriate for investigating effects of climatic change. SNAP’s current ALFRESCO work includes:

  • Using ALFRESCO to examine caribou habitat in Arctic Alaska
  • Using ALFRESCO to examine bird habitat in the Interior boreal forest of Alaska
  • Learn more about ALFRESCO
  • Video: Fire in Alaska —Scott Rupp (SNAP Director and UAF professor) and Jennifer Barnes (National Park Service) discuss fire trends due to climate change.