What Do We Do?

Since 2007, our team of boreal ecologists, modelers, and science communicators has used climate data to create and share ideas of how a future Northern climate could look.

We collaborate with University researchers, agencies, and communities to produce climate data products tailored to Alaska and western Canada. Our work and data have been cited in more than 600 scholarly publications.

See climate data come alive with our interactive web tools

Almost everyone is interested in weather and climate, but not everyone wants to wrangle complex data sets. We get it—climate data can be overwhelming on its own. That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools that help you discover what’s changing in your corner of the North—from wind to wildfire, and (almost) everything in between.

We’re constantly adding to and improving our climate and weather tools. They can help people interested in climate data see how things are changing, without having to work directly with large and complicated datasets. Learn more about how we make climate data relevant to you and your work.

Keep and share climate graphics + data

As you use these tools, you’ll find that you can keep and share our data and graphics in a variety of ways. Popular end products include maps, charts, and data files that can be freely downloaded for use in reports, presentations, and for further analysis.

Use our Data API for simple, direct data access

For more technical users, SNAP has developed an Application Program Interface (API) to access baseline historical and projected information, model outputs, and other SNAP data.

New to APIs? An API is a “data middle-man” that aids communication between software and databases. By directing user questions through our API and allowing it to directly access data, we lower barriers to obtaining and streamlining new tools.

How to acknowledge SNAP's work

All of our products are licensed under Creative Commons. When citing our work, please include our logo and a link to our home page.