Igiugig Village Climate Change Adaptation Assessment

cover of adaptation plan

This Adaptation Assessment is the first step in developing a climate adaptation plan for the Igiugig Village Council (IVC). The ultimate objective of this assessment is to create a baseline foundation of information, research, and partnerships that are locally driven and dynamic in nature.

The assessment springs from the recognition of the unsettling changes to the climate and subsequent changes to the local landscape with impacts on resources, infrastructure, public safety and the Igyararmiut way of life. The velocity of the climatic changes experienced and expected to come coupled with the geography of the area is undermining the village’s capacity to adapt and thrive. This Adaptation Assessment begins the process of learning and researching climate change projections in order to determine the best practices moving forward.

The assessment draws from the latest scientific data available, with a special focus on the Indigenous knowledge systems that have been in place for thousands of years. Local interviews with village elders and community members provide a deeper knowledge concerning community systems, including ecological, energy, and educational systems

With help from the Igiugig community, as well as regional, state, and national partners, this Assessment outlines vulnerable resources that are impacted and threatened by climate change. Further, the Assessment aims to build connections between existing Indigenous knowledge networks with other experts, technicians, and researchers. Ultimately, the report aims to lay the groundwork for further research and development that will aid the Igiugig Village Council in developing and implementing Igiugig’s Resiliency Action Plan.

This is a working document, meant to evolve with the changing fabric of the landscape, that will serve as a guide for future planning in resiliency and ensure that the people of Igiugig will continue to thrive into the future.


Quyana to the people of Igiugig for your dedication to the community and your participation in making sure that this assessment represents the concerns and needs of current and future generations of Igyararmiut.

Quyana also to our partners who have provided valuable technical and financial assistance.

Quyana to our funders who made this Adaptation Assessment possible – The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Trust Services, Tribal Resilience Program.

Project Details

Contact:  SNAP Data Team

Project Status:  Completed


  • United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • United States Department of the Interior
  • Village of Igiugig

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