Download Raw Data

For researchers and other advanced users who need "just the data, please"—we've got you covered! Datasets include historical and projected downscaled data, as well as derived products for Alaska and parts of Canada. All of our data are freely and publicly available.

Data categories

  • Observed Historical: Variables are directly observed in the past and then assembled into a gridded dataset. Example: downscaled CRU time series 1901–2020
  • Modeled Historical: Variables are modeled over an historical time period. Example: historical (1850–2005) runs of GCMs
  • Modeled Projected: Variables are modeled over one or more future time periods. Outputs (projections) also include several possible pathways (scenarios). Example: projected (2006–2100) runs of GCMs and their respective RCPs

How to cite SNAP's work

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