Climate Tools

As you use these tools, you’ll discover that you can keep and share our data and graphics in a variety of ways. Popular end products include maps, charts, and CSV files that can be freely downloaded for use in reports, presentations, and for further analysis.

We thank the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, the International Arctic Research Center, and many other partners who offer modeling expertise, funding, and other support for creating and maintaining these tools.

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airport at dutch harbor, alaska

Airport Winds

Alaska airport winds across the decades

peonies in field

Alaska Garden Helper

Explore changing growing conditions in Alaska

forest fire

Alaska Wildfire Explorer

Alaska wildfires within the larger forest ecosystem

Arctic Environmental and Engineering Data + Design Support System

Plan better. Design smarter.

running dogs through water on a thawing lake

Changing Subsistence Lifeways

How climate change is affecting subsistence in interior Alaska

Ram Plateau, northwest territories, Canada

Climate Scenarios for the NWT

Climate projections for communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories

fairbanks from the air

Community Climate Charts

Climate projections for over 3,800 communities in Alaska and Canada

road warped by thawing permafrost

Community Permafrost Data

Community vulnerability to permafrost change

Wind turbine in Toksook Bay, Alaska

Community Wind

Community wind changes across Alaska

wildfire in the forest

Fire Tally

See how much of Alaska has burned since 2004

river and forest in Alaska

Fish and Fire in Interior Alaska

Possible futures for interior Alaska aquatic ecosystems

Historical Sea Ice Atlas

Sea ice data across the decades (1850-present)

Northern Climate Reports

How temperature, permafrost, and wildfire are driving landscape change

cars in heavy rain

Precipitation Projections for Alaska Infrastructure

Precipitation change and its effects on Alaska infrastructure

sunrise in alaska

Statewide Temperature Index

Daily average Alaska temperatures compared with historical averages