Charlie Parr

Geospatial Data Analyst

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I’m a geospatial programmer and analyst at SNAP. I work to identify, curate, and wrangle all sorts of climate and geophysical model output and data so that it can come to life in our web apps, data catalog, web accessible geodatabases, and API.

Before SNAP I inhabited the intersection of snow and geospatial science where I asked and answered questions about snow, Arctic ecosystems, and the economics of water-from-snow in a changing climate. While snowmobiling-for-science around Alaska for weeks on end I honed my observational skills and snow shoveling technique while pondering the integration of field observations with remote sensing products.

When I’m not working with geospatial data and geospatial data accessories I’m with my dog or a soccer ball, or trying and failing to keep a soccer ball away from my dog. You also might find me out exploring Alaska on a bike, skis, or just my own two feet.