Nancy Fresco

SNAP Network Coordinator, Research Assistant Professor

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Phone:  907-474-2405

I’m a Research Assistant Professor with a background in biology, landscape ecology, and forestry, and I’ve been SNAP’s Network Coordinator since our start in 2007. I’ve worked on a wide range of interdisciplinary collaborative projects with partners ranging from small communities and non-profits to state, federal, and international agencies.

My work focuses on connecting northern climate data and model projections to the real-world needs, concerns, and questions of those who live and work here. I work closely with SNAP’s programmers, spatial analysts, and communications experts to create resources to aid in adaptation planning.

When I’m not at work, I’m often to be found enjoying the trails – by bike, ski, or foot – with my husband and our twin teenagers. Our book, Go Play Outside: Tips, Tricks, and Tales from the Trails, was published by UA Press, and I usually have a non-academic writing project underway. I can also be spotted (albeit disguised) in an occasional local theater production.