Tools for Technical Professionals

Meteorologists, engineers, + other technical users

These tools employ relatively complex and specialized data that can be used beyond research in applied activities such as forecasting, infrastructure planning, and construction.

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airport at dutch harbor, alaska

Airport Winds

How windy is it at airports across Alaska? If you’re a pilot or just interested in aviation, check out this tool that slices and dices historical wind data recorded 1980–present at 166 Alaska airports.

Graph downloads available.

road warped by thawing permafrost

Community Permafrost Data

How vulnerable is your Alaska community to permafrost change? Explore permafrost risks and hazards for 187 Alaska communities within the categories of massive ice, thaw susceptibility, existing infrastructure, permafrost occurrence, and temperature.

Graph downloads available.

Wind turbine in Toksook Bay, Alaska

Community Wind

How windy was your community in the last 35 years, and how much windier might it get? This tool shows recorded hourly wind data for 67 Alaska communities, 1980–2014. The tool also shows modeled winds for 1980–2099.

Graph and data downloads available.

cars in heavy rain

Precipitation Projections for Alaska Infrastructure

How might future changes in precipitation affect Alaska’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure? This tool compiles projected maximum precipitation events across Alaska.

Choose a location by clicking a map of Alaska, or enter coordinates for a specific spot. You can also choose a 20-year time span out to 2099.

Data downloads available.