Northern Climate Reports

What’s driving landscape change in Northern ecosystems?

In a word, heat: three forms of heat–related phenomena—warming temperatures, thawing permafrost, and increases in wildfire—are combining to change landscapes across Northern ecosystems.

This tool uses climate data to construct a variety of possible futures for a warming North. Choose a location of interest by entering a name, latitude/longitude coordinates, or by clicking on a map.

Data are displayed in narrative and graphical formats. Graph and data downloads available.

Explore landscape change (beta)

(June 2022) This is a public beta, which means that we’re still gathering feedback, testing data outputs and fixing bugs. We’d love to hear from you! Take a short feedback survey, or email us at  if you encounter a problem. Sign up for our occasional newsletter to be notified when this tool is launched. These links are also available within the tool.

Tool Details

Created by:

  • Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AK CASC)
  • Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP)


  • Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center
  • United States Geological Survey

Funded by:

  • Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AK CASC)