Alaska Wildfire Explorer

forest fire

Are you interested in Alaska wildfires within the larger forest ecosystem?

This tool is a map of Alaska with several fire-related data layers—simply choose the layers you want to see.

“Now” layers are updated daily and include recent wildfires, recent hotspots, recent lightning strikes, the Fire Danger Rating for today, and current snow cover.

“Past and future” layers include land cover types, historical lightning strikes and fire perimeters, and projected relative flammability. Each activated layer is explained below the map.

Note: The Wildfire Explorer shows a variety of data that helps users understand Alaska’s fire landscape. It is not designed for fire management decision-making by agencies or individuals.

Explore Alaska Wildfire history and more

Tool Details

Created by:

  • Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP)


  • International Arctic Research Center (IARC)

Funded by:

  • Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
  • Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP)