Tools for Researchers

University researchers + others in research settings

These tools employ relatively complex and specialized data that can be downloaded for use in analysis.

airport at dutch harbor, alaska

Airport Winds

Visualizations of historical (1980–present) wind data recorded at airports across Alaska.

Analog Forecasting

Explores connections between climate variables and uses past conditions to predict possible scenarios for the future.

thelon river

Climate Scenarios for the Northwest Territories

See climate projections for Northwest Territories locations under different scenarios.

stormy beach at nome

Extreme Weather

Explore the frequency of extreme temperature and wind events 1958-2100.

Historical Sea Ice Atlas

View maps of sea ice data collected 1850-present from the seas off northern Alaska.


Integrated Arctic Management

Displays Arctic geospatial datasets from various environmental, economic, and cultural categories to see where they overlap.

cars in heavy rain

Precipitation Projections for Alaska Infrastructure

Developed using dynamically downscaled data from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model.

sea ice viewed from above

Sea Ice and Wind

See projected interactions between sea ice concentrations and extreme wind events.

sunrise in alaska

Statewide Temperature Index

See daily average temperatures across Alaska compared to the historical average.