Tools for Enthusiasts + Media

Anyone with a general interest in climate + weather

Non-technical tools for people interested in climate and weather on a more local and personal level, such as journalists, community members, gardeners, hunters, and gatherers.

temperature map

About Climate Data

Explains basic climate terms and shows you how you can use climate data in your work.

airport at dutch harbor, alaska

Airport Winds

How windy is it at airports across Alaska?

peonies in field

Alaska Garden Helper

How might growing conditions change in your part of Alaska in the coming decades?

fairbanks from the air

Community Climate Charts

What’s happening with climate in your Northern community?

Wind turbine in Toksook Bay, Alaska

Community Wind

How windy was your community in the last 35 years, and how much windier might it get?

running dogs through water on a thawing lake

Environmental Impacts to Access in Interior Alaska

How is the climate making a subsistence lifestyle in Alaska’s Interior more challenging?

wildfire in the forest

Fire Tally

Have you ever wanted to know how much of Alaska has burned since 2004?

Historical Sea Ice Atlas

Is sea ice a part of your work, your travel, and/or your lifestyle?

sunrise in alaska

Statewide Temperature Index

“Has it been warmer or colder lately in Alaska?” Answer: “It’s complicated.”


Weather and Climate Highlights

Looking for a one-stop shop for Alaska climate and weather highlights?

fall colors in the boreal forest

Wildfires, Past and Present

Are you interested in Alaska wildfires within the larger forest ecosystem?