Tools for Decision Makers

Policy makers, resource managers, planners

These tools are for non-technical audiences who are looking for straightforward data visualizations for use in management and planning activities.

temperature map

About Climate Data

Explains basic climate terms and shows you how you can use climate data in your work.

thelon river

Climate Scenarios for the Northwest Territories

See climate projections for Northwest Territories locations under different scenarios.

fairbanks from the air

Community Climate Charts

Climate histories and projections for communities across Alaska and Canada.

road warped by thawing permafrost

Community Permafrost Data

Explore permafrost risks and hazards for rural communities in Alaska.

wildfire in the forest

Fire Tally

Compare the current year’s daily tally of acres burned to high fire years since daily records began in 2004.

peonies in field

Garden Helper

Explore how growing conditions in your part of Alaska may change as the climate warms.


Integrated Arctic Management

Displays Arctic geospatial datasets from various environmental, economic, and cultural categories to see where they overlap.

fall colors in the boreal forest

Wildfires, Past and Present

See locations and sizes of wildfires in relation to long-term fire history, land cover types, and more.