Explore Alaska wildfire

Using the Alaska Wildfires tool developed by SNAP, users can view currently active and inactive fire locations and perimeters and explore past wildfires dating back to 1940.

“The idea was to create a tool that would be user friendly, visually appealing, and informative,” explains SNAP Operations Lead Tom Kurkowski.

The SNAP team collected data from the Alaska Fire Service, State of Alaska, and the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center to provide users access to different information layers about past and present wildfires as well as vegetation.

“We want people to be able to use the tool to better understand wildfire by incorporating factors that affect it.”

Tom Kurkowski, SNAP Operations Lead

View each factor individually or all at once. Choose any or all data layers and the tool instantly displays them on the map.

The tool also provides options for those interested in comparing different data. Use the split/single map feature to compare the data side-by-side. For comparing extreme fire seasons, the tool provides a graph of cumulative acres burned, which compares the current year to other fire seasons starting from 2004.

The SNAP team has also included data sources and placed informative highlights throughout the tool for those interested in learning more about Alaska’s wildfires.

“There are great resources scattered throughout the tool for anyone who wants to read more about different aspects of wildfire or further explore the data,” explains Kurkowski.

All of the data stored in the tool are available for users to download for further use.

tool screenshot
Screenshot of fires across Alaska. Data layers may be toggled on and off.

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