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SNAP Highlights: Winter 21-22

By Mike DeLue | January 25, 2022

A fresh face for the climate charts tool SNAP’s Community Climate Charts tool got a significant refresh in late 2021, including a new interface and visual design. A fresh interface makes data selection options clearer and brings the design of one of the most popular tools in the SNAP tools library in line with other…

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More stories about our work

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Amazon hosts SNAP Northern climate data

A climate dataset representing historic and future conditions in Alaska, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories is available on Amazon’s Public Dataset Program.

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Arctic shipping and ecosystem effects

SNAP worked with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCC to better understand the risks presented by marine shipping traffic on the ecosystem services.

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Climate Modeling Explainer Video

This 13-minute video explains the importance and relevance of computer modeling in making sense of climate change.

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Community Climate Charts help Northerners see changes

A web tool developed by SNAP helps residents of communities in Alaska and western Canada to see how global climate change could affect their regions.

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running dogs through water on a thawing lake

Data and stories show how climate change affects subsistence

Observers from communities in Interior Alaska documented climate-related environmental conditions affecting their travel to areas used for hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering.

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Explaining climate change in Alaska, with the National Park Service

“State of Change” is the fruit of a three-year collaboration between SNAP and the National Park Service.

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Explore Alaska wildfire

Using the Alaska Wildfires tool developed by SNAP, users can view current fire locations and explore past wildfires dating back to 1940.

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temperature map

Learn the basics of climate data

Use the Introduction to SNAP Climate Data tool to explore the basics of climate modeling and how it’s applied to SNAP’s data.

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Using SNAP data to build a foundation for Alaska climate adaptation

Like the foundation of a house, the construction of a climate model is the product of thousands of small choices.

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Warnings from Northern wildfires

It was summer 2019, and the planet’s far North was on fire. Fires in these places are normal, but—as studies here at the University of Alaska show—they are also abnormal.

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