Website Creation

We build websites for research groups affiliated with the University of Alaska

We can help you develop your research communication goals through your website. Websites can take anywhere from a week to several months to design and build, depending on website size, functionality desired, and other factors.

  • Create a brand-new website
  • Update an existing website
    • Assess communication needs and suggest a path forward. For website updates, this includes a content inventory and use of Google Analytics (if available) to discover what’s currently on the website, as well usage levels of the website’s pages and sections. This information is then used to guide creation of a new site structure.
    • Migrate existing content to the new site and organize it for intuitive information discovery and ease of updating
    • Redesign and “realign” of the site with updated branding, communications goals, and web content


We recommend the platform for a few reasons:

Best use of University resources. We (through our clients) pay annually to host the site and manage security, backups, and updates. While this means lack of direct access to every single aspect of a website’s backend, advantages still outweigh disadvantages: We can still easily maintain websites, have priority access to WordPress support, and avoid spending University resources on server maintenance and security updates.

Client happiness. Our goal is to create a good user experience for the backend as well as the frontend. Our clients have found that WordPress websites are easy to maintain. We set things up so that content managers can focus on creating content without being sidetracked by site maintenance or coding. We remain on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and respond to feature requests such as new pages, new sections, and other, more involved design work.

Our WordPress portfolio

Google Sites

Sometimes researchers need a simple website for longer-term projects that involve progress reporting, meetings, workshops, and other activities. In this case, we suggest Google Sites, which is a free platform that is easy for busy researchers to maintain. Initial funding required by researchers is minimal, and the finished site can then be easily accessed and edited by researchers themselves, saving the extra cost of needing to pay a designer for updates.

Google Sites we have developed for researchers

Project Details

SNAP Contact:  Carolyn Rosner

Project Status:  Ongoing

Collaborator(s): None