Web Applications

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Web tools and applications are a key way to disseminate complex atmospheric and climatological data to diverse stakeholders and users. Years of experience building web tools with various partners has led the SNAP team to develop applications covering narrative qualitative data, spatial data, historical data and projections and scenarios through to the year 2100.

What we are doing

The SNAP team has collaborated with many organizations to produce innovative web apps:

  • A partnership with the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, the Alaska Garden Helper presents projections for the future of growing seasons, annual minimums, and more for Alaska agriculture.
  • To help answer the surprisingly complex question “Has it been particularly hot/cold lately in Alaska?” a collaboration with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy led to the development of the Statewide Temperature Index Tool.
  • Of interest to fishermen and hunters, the US coast guard, extractive industry, and researchers alike; the Historical Sea Ice Atlas was funded by NOAA through AOOS and created by SNAP in collaboration with ACCAP.

Find more examples of novel and innovative web applications developed by the SNAP team and their partners on the tools page.

Project Details

Project Status:  Ongoing

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