The SNAP team has extensive experience utilizing the MapVentures platform to represent complex Arctic datasets. We have built mapping applications on the platform to support multiple efforts and can assist collaborators in preparing data, providing user guidance, and troubleshooting issues with maps. The power of the MapVentures platform lies in its simplicity, its versatility, and its clean web interface for geospatial data.

What we are doing

A few of the web tools Snap has built through the MapVentures platform include:

  • The SNAP Data for a Changing Climate tool utilizes the platform to introduce users to the kinds of climate data with which SNAP regularly works.
  • The Integrated Arctic Management project uses the platform to show the intricate overlapping management regimes across coastal Alaska.
  • The Wildfire in Alaska map is an ongoing project detailing the geographic extent of past fires, land cover, current fires and lighting strikes, as well as projections for the future flammability of the state.

Project Details

Project Status:  Ongoing


  • Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub
  • Alaska Fire Service
  • Community Partnerships for Self Reliance