Historical Sea Ice Atlas

old ship in sea ice

What we did

SNAP and collaborators compiled sea ice data dating from the mid-1800s to present and designed an interactive website that lets users see what sea ice conditions looked like for a particular location at different points in time.

What we made

The Historical Sea Ice Atlas was made so you can simultaneously view multiple sources of historical sea ice data from the oceans surrounding northern Alaska. Choose a region and time of interest and inspect a map of data collected between the mid-1800s and today, to discover how ice extent and concentration have changed over time. If you are a resident of a coastal community, someone who hunts or fishes in a marine environment, a member of the shipping or oil + gas industries, in the US Coast guard, a scientist, or otherwise interested in Arctic sea ice data and climate change, this atlas is for you.

Data consideration

These data show “snapshots” in time, as well as historical trends in arctic sea ice cover and extent. They are not projections or predictions of future conditions. The atlas is not designed for forecasting or prediction, but can provide useful historical context for future planning efforts.

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Project Details

Project Status:  Completed


  • Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
  • Alaska Ocean Observing System
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks